Jeddah Community College

Advisory council


Jeddah Community College was established on the basis of a Ministerial Decree in 1423 No. 10642 in 04/25/1423. It was added  to the scientific system at King Abdul-Aziz University. Also, it was considered an educational edifice serves the community which includes both its  private and public sectors of the community in order to  develop the community’s human resources.

Based on the overall vision of the community college ,which was built on educational quality outcomes to meet the need of  the labor market, the advisory council was formed by faculty members together with outer members from  public and private sectors. This leadership role determines the overall policies and take strategic decisions for the College.

Advisory Council Tasks:

  • Activating the role of the community college in the region and promote academic programs.
  • aloser partnership between the college and the public and private sectors.
  • Activating the overall educational quality concepts based on the total output of the views and proposals to meet the requirements of the local labor market.
  • Provide an opportunity for college students during the study to gain field experience according to the concept of training on the job.
  • Highlight the actual needs of the business segments of college graduates from various disciplines, and develop academic programs and curricula.
  • Stimulate public and private sector  representatives to attract college graduates.
  • Find new ways to support the college financially and morally to serve all parties (the college, graduate, and employer).
  • Enhance methods of research, development and scientific consulting in the college to serve employers, supports economic strength and local profession.
  • Study  work environment and identify ways to overcome obstacles of recruitment  through activating optimal programs in both sectors.

Members of the Advisory Council for the Community College:





Dean of the College

Jeddah  Community College , King Abdulaziz University

Dr. Ahmed Saleh Abdulwahhab

And Vice Dean for Development

Jeddah  Community College , King Abdulaziz University

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Balubaid

Head of Computer and Information Technology Department

Jeddah  Community College , King Abdulaziz University

Dr.  Bassam Zafar

Head of Administrative Information Technology  Department

Jeddah  Community College , King Abdulaziz University

Dr. Abdulaziz Altheban

Head of Health Information Technology Department

Jeddah  Community College , King Abdulaziz University

Dr. Mohammed Abo Zenada

Head of General Required Courses Department

Jeddah  Community College , King Abdulaziz University

Dr. Lowaai Balkhier

Executive manager

Bab Rizq Jameel

Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Al Faheed

Director of Jeddah branch

Human Resources Development Fund

Abdulrahman Ali Al-Zahrani

General manager

Cisco Saudi Arabia

Dr. Tariq  Enaiah

Regional Director

Elite Insurance & Reinsurance

Walid Adel Elias

Regional Director

Trade Union Cooperative Insurance & Reinsurance

Mazen Alhebshi

Labour Office in Jeddah

Mohamed Ibrahim Jalal

Deputy Director for Administration

Dr. Erfan-Bagedo General Hospital

Hisham bin Abdul Rahman Njawé

Vice president

 and the  Head of Social Responsibility  Department

National Commercial Bank

Eng. Mahmoud Turkestanh

Certified auditor

KPMG  Accounting office 

Waleed Mahmoud Shtiwi

Supervisor of  resettlement programs

Saudi Binladin Group

Rushdie Altrabzona

Human Resource Specialist

Saudi Binladin Group

Iyad Adnan Rawah

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