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Counseling and Academic Advising

Welcome to Counseling and Academic Advising Services. The purpose of the Counseling and Academic Advising Services is to direct students towards exploring and achieving their educational, interpersonal, career and life goals. We guide the students through the academic experience from the time they first enter the college until their final semester and help them align their academic and career pursuits. Advisors at JCC will help you navigate through the educational system to clarify the process and help you select courses and programs to meet your short and long term goals.

We provide comprehensive advising services, including life, career and educational planning, interpretation of assessments, strategies to address academic difficulties, programs to develop student success skills and preparation for transfer to university and job readiness.

Note: Beside JCC staff, students consult full time professional consultants and Academic Advisors at the “Student Counseling and Academic Advising Unit” at KAU.

Student Counseling and Academic Advising Unit


To provide academic, psychological, and sociological assistance to the university students

· Serving students by providing assistance and counseling to help them in solving their sociological, psychological, and academic problem.

· Building students self –esteem and supporting good behavior.

· Providing vocational and psychological counseling to students by guiding and helping them to achieve harmony in their academic life.

· Conducting preventive programs to raise students, awareness in respect of sociological problems such as drugs and smoking… etc.

· Raining social workers and psychiatric counselors at the university.

· Conduction researches concerning the most common problems among students.

Student’s rights


· Regarding all information provided by the student regardless of its nature.

· Regarding the place and facilities where the counseling is provided.

· Regarding the student’s cultural background.

· Privacy here means accepting the student as he is, not as how he should be.


Regarding any information provided to the counselor by the student. It is the right of the student to keep such information confidential unless he gives his consent to release such information. This is a basic right of the student, a basic profession practice and it is supported by the society, s religious background.

Freedom of choice

The student counseling Unit provides optional services available to welling students. Therefore, is services are not imposed on any student. Moreover, it is the right of the student to choose the counselor that he feels more comfortable with to receive the unit’s services.


· The unit had provides services to more than 1595 cases in the past three years. 4785 counseling sessions took place (3 sessions in average).

· Conducted a training course regarding technicalities of studying cases for social.

· Conducted a course about creativity and lateral Thinking.

· Participated in an international symposium about guidance and counseling in sultan Qabos University (in Oman).

Statistical numbers regarding services and cases

· Academic cases 557

· Financial cases 416

· Psychological cases 334

· Sociological cases 121

· Behavioral cases 86

· Future planning cases 62

· Creativity, gifted cases 62

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